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When Was The Last Time You Thanked Your Body?

I've been forming a deeper relationship with my body in the previous days and weeks since leaving Australia that, I sense, is stemming from a handful of places: Being 'away' from my usual gluten, dairy & refined sugar free eating...

Inspiration Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Most of the people I've met in the last 10 years want to live an extraordinary life. No matter what that might look like to the individual, I really do believe this desire is inside all of us (how could...

Leaps of Belief: Opening up to experience your dream

As I prepared for my trip to London and Ireland today, I found myself inspired and immeasurably grateful for the opportunity I’ve been offered to travel across the world and speak in Ireland at the 2017 Get Up & Go...

What people are saying about Emily

  • “Thanks Emily for an amazing talk today. I loved your stage presence and I wrote a skeleton for my book idea DURING YOUR TALK! It was a great jump start for me. I’m excited to learn more from you in the future. Rock On!”

    Dunstan Bertschinger
  • “Immediately reading the first few pages of How Far Will You Go, I felt very at “home” reading it. Emily has a style that not only speaks to you but it also makes you feel part of the text, the words and the message. She shares her journey, but in a way that makes you see your journey in the text as well. I enjoyed reading every word of it.”

    Mia Berglund, Sydney (Australia)
  • “With certainty, Emily Gowor is the only Word Artist I’d go to for a creative and inspiring bio. Emily’s personal touches to my bio and creative view, have helped me to see myself in a way that inspires and empowers my vision and service to others. Thankyou Emily!  ”

    Matthew Papallo, Speaker and Consultant
  • “Emily has an extraordinary passion for sharing stories and she has an uncanny ability to express these stories in thought-provoking and intriguing way. She is a masterful wordsmith and a professional through and through. I highly recommend Emily and her education programs and services.”

    John Abbott, Entrepreneur & Vision Adventures Bali
  • <em>“Emily is an inspired woman on a mission to make a difference on the planet. She’s also an incredibly gifted writer, an action-taker, and a delight to work with.”</em>

    Kristina Mills, Copywriter
  • “The bio you wrote for me was brilliant! I loved working with you – your energy, your talent, and your heart have made my life richer. Thank you Em!

    Alisse Bradley, Wealth and Abundance Facilitator
  • “Emily is a young inspiring professional women who continually strives for excellence in her chosen vocation! She has a vast vision, drive, enthusiasm and knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Emily and on a personal level she is a great friend who I always have fun meeting up! I would recommend Emily to anyone who requires her skills.”

    Anita Rechnitzer CEO
  • “Emily has been an absolute inspiration to me. When I first met Emily she was 19 and facilitating at Dr. John Demartini’s weekend program called ‘The Breakthrough Experience’. That weekend transformed my life, and Emily played a key role in my experience. I am so very grateful for the quality questions that she provided me with. I now have the privilege to work alongside Emily a couple of times a year. She is an amazing writer and she is living her life congruently with her mission and purpose. I am looking forward to reading her new book titled ‘The Unlikely Entrepreneur’. If your path should cross with Emily – and you get the opportunity to work with her – she will amaze and inspire you also.”

    Sally Arnold, Demartini Method Facilitator
  • “Emily is a highly skilled communicator and writer. I have had her on my radio show, and she is highly effective in communicating from the heart, and painting beautiful pictures with her words. I have also read a few of her books and highly recommend her as a keynote speaker, and encourage everyone to purchase and read her books.”

    Brad Simkins, Radio Show Host
  • “I’m pleased to recommend Emily as a Word Artist. She is creative and produces excellent results. With best wishes, Pece.”

    Pece Gorgievski, Founder of Global Dialogue Foundation
  • “Emily Gowor is so much more than a book mentor!! I meet with her and I think we’re going to talk about my book. And we do, of course, but our meetings are so much more than that. As Emily so often says, writing a book is a journey and I’m so grateful to be taking this journey with her. She gives me inspiration, wisdom, encouragement and life-enhancing guidance. Her belief in me has never wavered since day one and her unshakable support of my work is invaluable, even if that sometimes means giving me some tough love when required! You can’t put a price on this type of mentorship – it’s worth every penny and some!”

    Louise Gilbert, Empower Kids Now!
  • “There is nothing more inspiring than helping an individual to find their inspiration and service to the world. I am grateful to Emily for creating The Inspiration Formula and would highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world, make a living out of it or add a new modality to their practice.  It changes people lives.”

    Jackie Mortimer, Angel Reader
  • “Working with Emily to share my story in the form of a book has been an incredible experience. We all have a story though most aren’t professional writers! Emily’s skills are of high demand now because she knows exactly how to take what’s in your head and heart, and teaches you to transform what’s in you, onto page. Her humour, insightfulness and deep care for me and my story carried me along my journey of writing.”

    Suzanne Waldron, Author & Leadership Coach
  • “Definitely do this process! What Emily guided me through was a total unveiling of the most authentic parts of myself as she helped me to craft a written statement of my life purpose and mission. I recommend the Inspiration Formula to everyone who truly wants to shine.”

    Scotty Ze
  • “Thank You Emily Gowor. Without your help, my inspirational journey would never have seen the light of day and if it did, it would have just been another banged out book in the marketplace. With your help, it put so much more meaning behind my book and placed everything into more detail. You not only brought my book alive but every reader that has read it is absolutely loving it and I’m getting good feedback. Many people are thanking me for helping them change their perspective on life. I’ve sold it to all states of Australia, a few in the USA and the UK too.”

    Lance Garbutt, author of My Never-Ending Journey of Life
  • “If you’ve ever wondered why you are here or what your gifts or contribution in life are, you MUST attend INSPIRE. Emily assisted me to uncover all of this and create the most soul-connected Statement of Inspiration which is now a core document for my clarity, direction and purpose.”

    Satina Cooper
  • “I have had the good fortune to have been mentored on a regular basis by Emily Gowor. I have found her approach both empowering clear and practical Emily instils a deep belief in me for the words that I am writing. As she shares with me the impact my words have on her I sometimes have to pinch myself that they are actually my words! I have never written a book before and through Emily’s guidance and insight I have found this process to be a deeply uplifting and transformational experience.”

    Nikki Slade, Author of Free The Inner Voice
  • “Thank you so much to Emily for such an amazing, informative, inspiring and valuable session today. My mind is wide open to so many possibilities now. You know that day you always hoped would come… well, it’s so close now I can almost taste it! Thanks again Emily for being so free with your expertise and encouragement.”

    Karen Spence, Weight loss consultant
  • “Excited to have the super talented Emily Gowor from Gowor International Publishing as my mentor for book writing. As this is my first book, I want it done properly and with Emily’s guidance, I know it will be amazing. Couldn’t have picked anyone better and more in alignment with the message I am putting out into the world!”

    EJ Love
  • “After speaking with Emily Gowor for only a short time about my book I was able to professionally tweak and polish the book with Emily’s advice so it’s ready for launch. In the short time we spoke Emily definitely over delivered with value going way over our scheduled time and also passing on valuable tools and resources. If you are thinking of writing a book or are writing a book a highly recommend getting in touch with Emily.”

    Matt Vincent
  • “I came to be inspired towards my life purpose. I got that and a whole lot more. Emily – you’re a great inspiration. Thank you for being you; you’re beautiful. Continue to be unique you. Thank you for a wondering inspirational journey.”

    Ling Melody
  • “I was blessed to attend INSPIRE – connect with your destiny – with the beautiful Emily Gowor. I loved putting my personal purpose and vision in life down on paper. You are so inspiring Emily and full of amazing purpose for human greatness. Thank you.”

    Jo Merton
  • “Emily, you are incredible! Your gifts are truly inspiring! You are a blessing in my life and I am amazed at what you have achieved at your age! I am the same age. You are talented, inspired and motivated with your vision. Thank you.”

  • “Emily is the kind of entrepreneur that people dream of becoming. I find it refreshing that she managed to build her business around her ideal life, while most of the business community build their lives around their businesses. I have bought and read all of her books and love her videos. I readily recommend her services whenever I get the chance.”

    Chris Hooper, Accountant
  • “While I have known Emily only for a year, in that year she’s covered what most people take a decade to do: unleashed new books, helped people become better writers, co-authored or edited books with some top people like Dr. John Demartini and Roger Hamilton. And what sets Emily apart from the crowd is that everything she does is done with immense passion and a crazy attention to detail. If you want to observe a rising star on the entrepreneurial scene, watch this space.”

    Mike BoornPlener, Business Consultant
  • “Emily is an enormously talented and gifted woman with fabulous imagination. Her work is powerful; I could not think of a more apt name for her than ‘the word artist’. It has been and is an absolute pleasure to work with Emily who is generous with her time and is completely diligent irrespective of her work load – as she is one very busy lady in great demand! My project is so much the richer for her involvement!!”

    Judy van Niekerk
  • “It’s been said that if you need something done urgently, give it to a busy person. Emily is a boundless force of energy – just look at her published works. Who else do you know at her age that has achieved so much in so little time. I love her passion, her integrity and her focus, all three of which I highly recommend to others.”

    Michael Haupt, Mentor & Advisor
  • “I feel INSPIRE was the first step in a wonderful journey ahead of me. I felt it was well structured and the pace was good. I loved the content and the process and I am taking away a lot to digest! Thank you for providing me with this opportunity Emily!”

    Mary Brock
  • “Thanks Emily for such an amazing day and for sharing your passion and inspiring me in the process. It was a day of peeling back the layers and diving deep within me to find my essence. AMAZING.”

    Donna Warr
  • “Emily Gowor is one of the most intelligent, driven, committed, talented and brilliant entrepreneurs I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Emily’s achievements to date, especially at such young age, are an inspiration to all and are a true testament to her level of commitment towards her success. Her professionalism shines throughout all of her work and in everything she does. I am honoured to have Emily as a friend and have no hesitation in recommending Emily to anyone, especially aspiring authors and writers.”

    Katrina Kavvalos
  • “I have worked with Emily over the last few months to facilitate my growing and developing. As a result, I have experienced breakthroughs in having gratitude for the work that I do, allowing me to see how my work has brought me many things, including the life that I now have. I am now ready to appreciate and choose new opportunities, accepting who I am as I am, and I have been able to recognize my core values, honor them and allow them to guide my business and my life. Through Emily’s assistance I see and reframe my perceptions allowing me to step up to a bigger game in life –  my game. Thank you so much Emily.”

    Steve Smith, Public Accountant
  • “INSPIRE was a worthwhile investment of time and money. I tuned out of my life to get really clear on my vision and purpose. It is valuable to have my purpose captured in a succinct statement: something to read and be inspired by every day. I can highly recommend it.”

  • “After more than 10 years in the personal development industry I have not seen a process to clarify life purpose so powerfully, effectively and quickly. This is truly brilliant, a profound gift! Highly recommended!”

    Deb King, Happiness Ambassador & Host of Loving Life Radio
  • “I am deeply grateful to Emily’s gift of inspiration. In less than an hour she helped me get such a clarity on my inspiration, my gift in life and my life purpose, something that many spend their lifetime searching for and die with their music still inside.”

    Dr Marcia Becherel, Leadership & Performance Coach
  • “What a great day so much content and I went away with a title an outline and wow structure. Love it! Highly recommended!”

    Gillian Maddigan
  • “Emily reached inside my heart and held my soul in her hands. She unravelled the inner workings of who I am in this life… and crafted my unique magical story. My most inspiring self-emerged in a flow of profound words, personal truths and utter clarity. Through this process, I discovered innate truths about my humanity and spirituality. I am very moved and deeply grateful. It is a gift beyond measure.”

    Megan Freeland, Author of The Magic & The Mire
  • “When I saw Emily’s invitation, I was excited because I had felt at a bit of a crossroads professionally. Working with energy healing and personal development myself, as well as helping people discover their true selves, I very much agreed with Emily that each of us has an important purpose and that our lives support that purpose in the experiences that we have. So it was really cool how Emily guided me through a process where I could step aside from the methods that I knew and allow inspiration to just come in. I loved how even though I had Emily as guide, that my truth came from directly me. Emily presented it in an impactful way that I will now be able to use in important ways going forward. I love being more enlightened about who I am and what I’m here to do.”

    Kelly Burch, Energy Healer & Author
  • “I was looking for an easy process to provide me with a little more direction in life, so I decided to try Emily’s Inspiration Formula. Initially I was a little apprehensive because I thought I’d over think the answers and not get much out of it – which is what usually happens. You can imagine my surprise when I ended up with a really clear idea of where I want to take my life and what most inspires me. While everyone could benefit from going through this process, I would particularly recommend it to people who have no idea what they want to do with their life.”

    Nick Condon, Founder of Breakthrough Adventurer
  • “Thank you so much for being there to push me along. I would not have gotten this far without you.”

    Haley Jones, author of Your Life, Your Choice!
  • “Following through the Inspiration Formula with Emily was simple and easy: Emily assisted me in finding and defining my true purpose, in an inspiring and enlightening way. Finally, I integrated all aspects of my life, every talent I was blessed with, the knowledge and true desires of my soul, in a powerful statement. This way, I am aware of my essence, I am able to see it, to be inspired by it and I let myself driven towards my purpose by my personal statement of inspiration.”

    Monica Ion, Sales & Marketing
  • “I had the pleasure today of attending Emily Gowor’s Write Now Masterclass workshop. As a long time writer, author, and poet and in my own words an inveterate ‘scribbler’ I am so very thankful that I did. As a writer I had got into habits and patterns of writing that had become ‘ingrained and automatic’ to me and I had not considered or even explored that there may be a ‘better way’ for me to do things. Emily’s Write Now Masterclass was amazing. She showed that there was not only another way to organize and structure my writing, but that I could also utilise this structure to improve other areas of my life that are based around ‘writing’. So, a very big thank you to an amazing young woman who truly is a gift to the world.”

    Sheila Kennedy
  • “I had the very great pleasure and privilege of experiencing the Inspiration Formula with Emily and I have to say in all absolute honesty that it was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. To have read back to me a succinct statement that weaves together and perfectly articulates all the pieces of me that I’ve vaguely known, yet perhaps overlooked or dismissed, is one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I cannot thank Emily enough. A true genius. A master of not just words but LISTENING. Of connecting to soul, capturing essence, and conveying it in human language. I’m truly breath-taken and forever grateful.”

    Bridget Jane Thompson, Health & Happiness Coach
  • “What an amazing and inspirational day fully supported by Emily Gowor. I have come away with my book title and outline and ready to write content. On the way home I dictated 3 other book titles and basic outlines. That’s 4 books ready for content. My dead line is one every three months so by December 2016 I will have 4 published books. Thank you for inspiring me and helping me gain clarity and focus.”

    Kristy Trede
  • “Such an amazing and inspiring information-packed day of developing book ideas! Thanks so much Emily Gowor for sharing your wisdom.”

    Michelle Ward
  • “I have to say the process of going through the Inspiration Formula was one of the most powerful, inspirational processes I have ever done to get into my life purpose and the motto that drives my achievement. I have never experienced a process that can take you to a deep and insightful clarity about your mission in life in such a short time. It has taken years, countless workshops, retreats, inspirational gurus and self-help books for me to even scratch the surface of what the Inspiration Formula gave me in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Thank you Emily, for bringing the wisdom of formula into the world and allowing me to experience clarity and depth that oozed from such a simple yet profound experience. I just love, love loved it!”

    Delvina Waiti, The Soulful Leader
  • “Thank you for today. I learned a lot. You’re very inspiring Emily.”

    Kelly-ann Cusack
  • “Your workshop has changed my life Emily. You have so inspired me. I am going for it. I have one almost completed manuscript for 33 Days of Mindfulness, I am almost happy with the outline for Hungry Hearts and I have discovered that I have started another five books when I searched through my notes. Holy cow, I am going to be busy! So much appreciation to you, my heart is happy!”

    Alisha Karayanis
  • “Four hours after our session, I felt lighter and calmer. You are so humble and genuine. I now have a clearer picture that doesn’t feel so daunting. I can’t wait to try your tips too!”

    Maria Solano
  • “Thank you! After our session, I have the next level of certainty around what I’m here to do. It feels done. Such a graceful experience.”

    Donna Preedy
  • “Emily, your gift for helping us to discover and unleash the book inside of us is quite extraordinary. Your ability to take the seed that is our vision, then nurture and expand it is inspiring. You are there for us throughout this process with practical advice and support. You believe in us and help us to believe in ourselves. You are an inspiring author midwife, birthing books and facilitating growth.”

    Megan Freeland, author of The Magic and The Mire
  • “Emily Gowor was instrumental in guiding me to write my book, Reflections of Sandra. Her expert knowledge about what goes into making a truly great book was invaluable. My book would not be the standard it is without her. Her heart and soul loves the world of authors and books and this shows in every single interaction I have had with her during this process.”

    Michelle Heynen, author of Reflections of Sandra
  • “Emily radiates ageless wisdom, extraordinary insight and a profound level of comprehension. She is indeed a word artist and a priceless jewel. This girl is gold, and I highly recommend her!”

    Laura Hughes, Feminine Finance
  • “Thank you Emily for sharing your gifts and wisdom to inspire people to reach their dreams. You make it so simple to be inspired with your Inspiration Formula and your life itself. Best wishes Emily for bringing inspiration to humanity. You are a gift to humanity.”

    Angela Peris, Author